Are you a creative?

Are you setting up your creative business or have you been running it for a while?

There may be things you haven't thought about that you need to do.

Take a look at the video to find out more...

Are you starting or running a creative business?

Are you aware of all the things that you must consider whilst you are planning or trading?

There are things that are good practice to do as well as things that are essential when you are in business.

Download my FREE guide giving you 21 things you need to do when starting or running your creative business.

Are you running your business or becoming an entrepreneur?

Are you setting up your business or entrepreneurship or have you been running it for a while?

There may be things you haven't thought about that you need to do.

Take a look at the video to find out more...

Bite Size Testimonies

See some short testimonies about the courses from some students. Full length versions are available on the Testimonies page.

Angela's Testimony on the File Types and Sizes course

Angela shares about the course and how it explained to her issues she faces but doesn't know why.

Peter's Testimony on the File Types and Sizes Course

Peter is a painter, Anna and him talk about the importance of keeping up with the digital age.

Hallam from Virtuoso Legal talks about the importance of going to the right places

This is an excerpt from the free webinars where Hallam talks about the importance of knowing about your Intellectual Property.

Charlotte shares about her experiences with the Intellectual Property course

Charlotte runs her own design business and shares how she wishes she had done the IP course much earlier.

Anna chats with Derrick who graduated a year ago in Interior Design about the Intellectual Property Course

Derrick joined Anna in the live webinars to talk about Intellectual Property.

Emily's Testimony on the Top 30 Social Media and Time Saving Tools Course

Emily is an Award Winning Business Adviser. She and Anna talk about how this course can be helpful in lots of different ways.

Marg's Testimony on the Top 30 Social Media and Time Saving Tools Course

Anna and Marg chat about her new venture that she is developing alongside her job, and how she found the course a great help.

Annie's Testimony on the Top 30 Social Media and Time Saving Tools Course

Annie works full time alongside freelancing as a photographer. We chatted about how the course was of benefit to her.

Mag's Testimony on the Top 30 Social Media and Time Saving Tools Course

Mags works full time with businesses she is growing alongside them. They talk about how she has been developing her skills in doing business in a digital age.

Do you know about your Intellectual Property?

Do you know about your Intellectual Property?

Are you a creative, sharing and showing your work but you aren't really sure about your intellectual property? Your creative work is your intellectual property and therefore of value. 

Find out what types of IP are relevant for your type of work and how you can be proactive. Know what your rights are so you can know what to do with what you create and put action in place to help prevent people stealing and copying your work.

It is based in UK Law and geared towards 2D and 3D Designers and Artists but it has general principles that are valid across different countries and creative disciplines and has been checked by solicitors to check it’s all correct. 

Free Webinars on Intellectual Property for Designers and Artists

If you are a designer or artist, you may be interested in finding out about this subject in learning about where you stand with your creations.

Anna is joined by other designer guests and Hallam from Virtuoso Legal, an Intellectual Property Specialist firm to talk about the issues that Designers and Artists face when dealing with their Intellectual Property.


Recorded now and ready to view

Beginner's Guide to Intellectual Property Preview

Hallam, an Intellectual Property Trainee Solicitor's Review

The guidance on copyright and the various design rights provided in the Amanya course on Intellectual Property cuts through to the underlying legal principles whilst simultaneously providing a practical insight which will be of great use to any designers seeking to improve their knowledge of intellectual property. 

The guide offers a concise summary of the key elements of each right and anyone who reads it will walk away with a renewed understanding of their rights and how to protect them.

It also highlights the common pitfalls individuals face, whilst encouraging creators to respect the rights of others.

An informative and practical guide for anyone who is seeking to enhance their knowledge of intellectual property. 


Dr. Roger Lowe's Testimony, an Intellectual Property Lawyer

Regardless of the size of your business, the nature of the goods it supplies or the services it provides, your business will create and as a consequence, it will own some forms of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). The three key forms of IPRs for any commercial Artist or Designer to be aware of are rights in trade marks, rights in designs, and copyright.

Unfortunately, all of these IPRs are far from easy to understand, nor are they easy to apply to real-life, the complexity is exacerbated by the overlap created by these IPRs in certain situations.

However, help is at hand, and this Beginners Guide to Intellectual Property for Artists and Designers is a great place to start in order to begin and cement your awareness of the issues, and to build a foundation of your understanding. 

The various examples taken from the archives of case law will also assist in your understanding of how the various IPRs are applied by the Courts.

Charlotte's Testimony

The Beginners Guide to Intellectual Property for Artists and Designer is such a time and money saving resource! I will return to it again and again. I recommend it as a valuable investment that will save you so much hassle and money. 

As a designer of unique acoustic finishes for interior spaces, this course has been super helpful to obtain a comprehensive overview regarding Intellectual Property - an essential for each creative designer.

The thing I found most helpful was the demystification of a very complex subject. I now know where to go and what to do with regard to current design work, and even more importantly how to plan future design ideas. 

Thank you Anna for this insightful resource for the creative community. I recommend it wholeheartedly and encourage each to check it out for yourself.

Daniel's Testimony

I've had an amazing experience with this course.

IP is really a tricky subject yet a really important one for us creative people and this course is a very beautifully crafted learning tool.

Although the content is a bit complex, it has been presented in a light yet thoroughly engaging manner. I particularly enjoyed the structure and the visual aids, not relying so much on text.

Will also give a shout out to Anna's very soothing voice.

Derrick’s Testimony

To young and emerging designers, it is really crucial to understand intellectual property and the issues that surround it. Quite unfortunately, it is often brushed over and given little to no attention at all. I found the Amanya course on intellectual property protection very insightful and helpful.

It has given me a very well needed introduction to the world of IP and equipped me with a lot of crucial knowledge around what I need to be aware of and do in relation to my creations. The course offers guidance on what we need to do to safeguard our work and provides insightful advice on our conduct when using other peoples work.

It shines a light into the legal side of design and helps designers be more aware of how they can help prevent their hard work from being disrespected, misused or even stolen. This course is most definitely a powerful introduction to intellectual property and would certainly recommend it to all designers, young and seasoned.

File Types and Sizes Preview

Initially geared towards designers and artists, this course has been benefitting anyone navigating the challenges the digital age brings.

Poor Quality Prints

Do you find your prints are poor quality when you print them off? With marks on them or really grainy?

Slow Screens with images

Do your screens take ages to load up when you are viewing images?

Phone storage is full!

At that all important time, your phone tells you it is full. The things you can do to help with this rather than deleting everything!

Sending Attachments

Sending documents to other people as easily as possible

Just guessing?

Do you not know what type of file is going to be suitable? Do you just guess?

Can't edit it - grrr!

Why some documents can be edited and some cannot

Working with technology?

Does digital size matter?

Understanding file sizes and why this is important

File compression?

What happens if you compress a file? What are the consequences of doing it?

Lossy and lossless files?

Why this is something you need to know


Do you know what they are and what they are used for?

Raster or Vector?

What are they? Why do you need to know?

What is DPI and PPI?

What do they stand for and why are they important?

Are you a designer or artist?

Peter's Testimony

This is a detailed and comprehensive course on file types and sizes. Anna presents it in a way that makes everything simple to understand even when there is a lot of jargon about.

I liked how it was broken down into small bite size chunks and you can progress at your own speed.

I found the content on the difference between use for print and for digital display particularly helpful along with the detailed explanation on each file type.

I would recommend this for anyone wanting to learn more about file types and sizes.

Top 30 Social Media and Time Saving Tools for Designers and Artists

Course Introduction

Top 30 Social Media and Time Saving Tools Course Preview

Marg's Testimony

There are so many apps out there it can be a minefield. Especially if you’re working in a full time job and have a side hustle, there is no time to figure it all out. This course was fantastic in identifying some useful tools that are user friendly and free to help, even if you’re not an artist or even in business. Amanya takes you through step by step all you can use the app for and how to get started in popular uses. I even learnt a new use for an app I use very often!

The course is easy to understand and put into practice for yourself, and well worth the price. Thank you Amanya Design!

Annie Lloyd

Annie's Testimony

As a photographer, social media is an integral part of my work. It can be seriously challenging and overwhelming to find all the best tools to utilise the social space in the best way for my business.

I found the Amanya courses to be an absolute fountain of knowledge, they have helped me get a good grip on where to look and what to use. They are very well researched, written, recorded and presented in an easy to use format, and at affordable prices too. Thank you Amanya!

Emma's Testimony

As a creative freelancer working in the theatre and arts sector, design software, social media and communication platforms are key to my working processes.

The Amanya course was great for me on several levels; some areas introduced me to new and exciting options of software to incorporate into my working processes, whilst some of the other tutorials helped me to refresh up on tools and skills. All of which will be very useful for me to increase efficiency in the future.

The courses are well presented, easy to follow and extremely useful. Thank you Amanya Design!

Your Instructor

Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Anna Brewin. I did my degree in Textile Design at the University of Huddersfield in Yorkshire, UK, and have expanded my work into Graphics and Surface Pattern and worked for a number of years doing freelance work using my various skills. 

I have been developing my business into new areas over the last few years as I've been working with Print on Demand companies, following receiving some funding from the Department of International Trade. 

I have taught art classes in the past but designing online classes has been a whole new area for me and something that has taken me by surprise as I have loved it. 

I hope the lessons I have been learning along the way can help you too.

Member of Anti Copying In Design

All copyright, design rights and intellectual property rights existing in our courses, products, designs and in the images, text and design of our website and marketing material are and will remain the property of Amanya Design House. We will treat any infringement of these rights seriously. Amanya is a trademark of Amanya Design.